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Editor-in-Chief, Khodadad Movaghar BSc, ARPS
Khodadad Movaghar BSc,
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There has been a delay in the printing of issue No 9 as a result of circumstances which were beyond our control. I apologize for the delay all the same.

The present Austrian Ambassador to Iran is a true scholar who fascinated me during the interview I had with him. He is a master in Arabic and Islamic Studies and is presently studying Persian and is trying very hard to expand cultural relations and activities between Austria and Iran.

Irans capabilities in medicine, surgery and the related fields have been growing rapidly and steadily for the last few decades, particularly following the Islamic Revolution. One exemplary center of such activities is the Ophthalmology Practice & Research Center which is becoming world renowned and a source of pride to Iranians.

The article on China gives an Iranians impression of China at two different periods, some 15 years apart. The rapid progress and the changes coming about in China would be of interest to any person even remotely interested in this already economic and industrial power. It should certainly be of interest to anyone who cares about economic and industrial developments in Iran since China can be used as an excellent model in certain cases.

The articles presented in the Industry Section offer some more cases of Irans move towards higher levels of industrialization and self-sufficiency. It appears that Irans attempts are finally coming to fruition and that the countrys various industries are now on a good standing.

I am proud to say that we keep receiving compliments for Events from various people of all strata and professions. One of the best compliments we were given recently came from Mr Pierre Fabiani, the Representative of Total Group in Tehran, who told me that Events was the only Iranian publication that he read avidly and that he sent copies of it to his Head Office in Paris. I pray the Almighty that we at Events will be able to always provide our readers with readable materials attractively presented, and that we may bring "continual improvement" to our publication.
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