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Another Norooz and another spring and again warm greetings for the Norooz from all of us at Events to all of our dear readers.

In this issue we begin by telling you more about the Iranian New Year and hope that we give you something of interest, something new, though we realize that almost all about Norooz has been said time and again in the past.

The interview with Mr K W Hartleb, the Counselor to the Austrian Embassy in Tehran, gives a good deal of interesting information not only about the economic relations between the two countries but a great deal more.

Water and agriculture are of great importance to any country especially a country like Iran that suffers from shortage of water and good soil. Mr Amini Ranjbar of the Ministry of Jahad-e-Agriculture (Agricultural Crusade), a man with vast knowledge about agricultural issues, gives our readers, in an interview, some new facts about the present state of affairs worldwide, Iran in particular.

Iran-China relations, the gas pipeline running from Iran through Pakistan to India, globalization, and Iran's oil, gas and petrochemicals are among other subjects that our readers are bound to find very informative. Of these subjects the most remarkable is that of the gas pipeline running through Pakistan to India. At first nobody believed that the Pakistanis would even consider the idea. But the prospects of a clean and cheap fuel were too good to ignore. Pakistan and India are by now more or less determined to go ahead with the project which has come to be known as the "Pipeline of Peace".

How has a city lying on the border of the Great Desert survived 1000 years of harsh desert climate is another article that should provide readable matter for those interested in regional and local architecture.

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