Happy New Year!

Editor-in-Chief, Khodadad Movaghar BSc, ARPS
Khodadad Movaghar BSc,
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This is the second time that Events wishes its Christian and many non-Christian readers a Happy New Year. All of us at Events hope that they will enjoy their holidays, and that they have enjoyed reading this Magazine during the past year. The readers’ satisfaction is our greatest reward.

We find that more and more business and industrial entities wish to find their way into Events to introduce themselves, and make known to the world their potentials and capabilities. Therefore, you will find that in this issue the greatest part is given to such entities but we do not forget that we also have another duty: that of introducing our arts and literature and our cultural heritage. To keep in line with this duty we offer you, in this issue, an article on the life and works of Sohrab Sepehri, one of our most famous contemporary poets, most favored among the younger generation. An article that would be of interest to those who admire Persian carpets, deals with dyeing fibers, fibers that are used in weaving carpets. The article on Evolution introduces an Iranian scholar who is scarcely known except to historians and scientists: Nassafi or Nakhshabi suggested the idea of evolution, more or less along the same lines as Darwin; only Nassafi lived six centuries before Darwin, did not travel round the world in a well equipped expedition, had no access to a microscope, nor the scientific background that Darwin could rely on…

Dr Jamsaz’ article bewares the nation of future economic conditions of the country, if present trends continue. Yet, we offer you, in this same issue, several articles: on the Iranian railway, on our insurance system, on our manufacturing sector… all of which indicate that the nation is putting a great deal of effort into building a prosperous future. But, we do agree with Dr Jamsaz that hard times could lie ahead of us, if we did not take appropriate measures today!

Finally, I would like to express, on behalf of all who work at EVENTS, our deepest sympathy and condolences to the people who have lost loved ones and/or entire possession in the Tsunami incident in the Far East. We Iranians understand the depth of the tragedy. Last year, about the same time, we lost about 50,000 people in the Bam earthquake.

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