R Yassavoli
R Yassavoli

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Iran's Printing Industry:

another source of exchange earning

Mr Reza Yassavoli is the Director of Publications and Technology at Yassavoli Publications Co. The Company is known for the exquisite books it produces.

Events- How and when did your company first emerge?

Reza Yassavoli- You could trace back the history of our company to many many years ago when my father, as a young man, moved from Sabzevar to Tehran. He loved books and soon began to buy and sell books with the limited means that was at his disposal. Soon he turned to books on arts, which interested him enormously. He was even interested in books on foreign arts, and this is where I became interested in my father's efforts and eventually became a publisher in my own right, printing books on arts. After the Revolution, gradually people became more aware of their own identity and cultural heritage, and this encouraged us to print books of increasingly high quality.

E- Your books are very impressive. Have you taken the photographs yourself or do you have photographers who work for you?

RY- No, I don't take photographs myself but we deal with some outstanding photographers. We usually talk with them about the subjects. Some of them follow certain topics themselves. To cover certain subjects for particular book, according to our needs, we order pictures. Sometimes we need especial picture of certain historic site, say the Persepolis, and some particular point there and from a certain angle. Then we have to explain to the photographer in detail.

Historical sites of Iran E- Would you please give our readers some information about the Iranian printing industry? This industry is gradually being transferred to the Far East from Europe, do you think that our country has the potentials for developing an extensive printing industry? And can we generate foreign income for our country through this industry?

RY- Exactly! I believe Iranians have great creativity. The economic sanction imposed on Iran by the US resulted in our becoming self sufficient in many areas. I remember one of my friends who worked with a printing machine that was 30 years old. According to the standards of some European countries, such as Germany, this machine would be considered obsolete. But he worked with this machine with excellent results.

I believe however that our colleagues should visit the printing industries of Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and gradually take over a good deal of business that they handle now because they are overworked. Iran is closer to European countries than the Far East and it is more convenient for Europeans to have their printing done in this region than in the Far East and this is why the printing industry in UAE is fast developing.

E- When one of my friends saw Events for the first time he asked me: "Did you print this in Iran?" But I believe that, in comparison to your works, the printing of Events is not outstanding, so why can't we find a way to do the work in Iran instead of Taiwan or Dubai? How can we improve this industry in Iran? Who can help us in this field? And how can we overcome the obstacles?

RY- I believe that hostile propaganda has influenced opinions abroad. Also our printing machines are old, and we do not have proper management in our printing houses. I am sure that with sufficient investment and the right management we can produce the highest quality printing here.

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