A Touchy Mixture

Editor-in-Chief, Khodadad Movaghar BSc, ARPS
Khodadad Movaghar BSc,

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EVENTS attempts to inform its readers about the economy and industry of Iran and at the same give accounts of its history, art, culture... past and present. As anyone familiar with publications would know this an extremely diffi cult mixture: Difficult to mingle two completely areas of study in a way that they do not mismatch, are not in conflict.

So it is that in this issue we once again offer you a diverse range of subject matter. Few people know about the history of windmills in Iran, windmills that are quite different to Western notions of this apparatus and yet are the origins of windmills worldwide.

Value added tax is a new concept in Iran while in many advanced countries it is firmly established. Many Iranian experts believe that we do not yet have the necessary infrastructure for implementing such a tax system. The article presented in this issue gives the opinions of one expert.

The article on Mani describes the life and preaching of yet another Iranian prophet, a man who thought the religion he offered to the world would conquer nations across the globe and would never die out because, he thought, his religion could adapt itself to any language, any culture, any religious background. But, contrary to his thoughts, his religion soon died out for ever.

An Outline of the History of Persia is another article from many articles that Pope gathered in his collection A Survey of Persian Art which deals with the history, art and literature of Persia. We intentionally choose from these articles because they are not written by Iranians and should, therefore, be free of bias, chauvinism, exaggerated national feelings, which is not uncommon among Iranians.

Finally, we have good news for the entire Iranian nation: Recently Iran was admitted into the Council of International Standardization Organization. We congratulate the nation particularly the Institute of Standardization and Industrial Research of Iran who worked hard towards this great achievement and Dr Ali Asghar Tofi gh the President of the Institute in particular.

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